Norwegian Idol

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Here you can read all about the up and coming season 8, plus the past seven seasons, including releases for each former contestant! Check out our brand new site, with all the information you need on Norwegian Idol in English :)

Judges and host for season 8:

The same judges and host as season 7! :)

Season 8 Audition cities:

Bergen: April 10. - 14.
Tromsø: April 25. - 29.
Stavanger: May 7. - 11.
Trondheim: May 21. - 25.
Oslo: June 11. - 16.

Also talent searcher will look for talents in Ålesund, Arendal, Bodø, Haugesund and Hamar in March.

Winner of Norwegian Idol season 7: Siri Vølstad Jensen!

      Siri Vølstad Jensen (17) got 55 % of the votes during the final.

  Top 10 finalists of season 7:

  Anniken, Eirik, Ola, Martine, Georg, Siri, Sverre, Astrid, Astrid and Steffen

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